Today we’re proud to announce our new brand: Album.

The past five years have been an absolute adventure for our team. We started with an idea that as investors who had cut their teeth in startups we could add a unique perspective to Utah’s venture investor scene—an idea that’s already resonated with about fifty like-minded founding teams.

In venture capital, it’s important to have a point of view, to find a code to live by. As we’ve reviewed what we’ve learned together, two important lessons stand out from the rest: a little luck can go a long way, and that a smaller number of deep, meaningful connections is more powerful than a broad but shallow network.

The name Album represents our commitment to that investment approach—protecting the community and creativity that has worked so well for us. In that spirit, John, Diogo and Sid share an equal partnership. We decided to cap our fund size at $75M and allow in fewer investors, keeping our focus on early-stage investments with a smaller number of startups.

We’re forever grateful to all the founders who have taken a dollar from our team; they represent some of the fastest-growing tech companies in the country and we cherish our associations with them. And we owe the world to our family, friends, and partners at Peak who believed in us. Through ups and downs, it’s taken a village to create Album. 

Here’s to many more years of building companies together.